General Info

First National Gloucester is pleased to be able to offer clients the opportunity to use our specialist services in livestock marketing. Our livestock consultants have been Marketing livestock for over 20 years and understand the market place, taking a global and national view of the marketplace, rather than just a local point of view. With contacts across all the eastern states through agencies, feedlots, processors and producers, we pride ourselves in offering to our valued clients up to date market information and results.

Some important avenues that First National Gloucester uses include:
  • Consignment to Abattoirs
  • Consignment to Feedlots
  • Paddock to paddock sales (producer to producer)
  • Consignment to Regional Markets.
  • The use of Auctionsplus (over 280,000 cattle traded online in 2014/15 FY alone)
  • Forward contracts
 These methods take the guess work out of selling livestock, and enable our clients to know what price you could receive before the livestock leave your property. This is in stark contrast to the ‘old ways’ of just sending the livestock to the nearest market and hoping for the best. The systems are not ways that have just been invented they have been around for a long time and are proven, effective and profitable avenues from which to properly Market your livestock. In fact Ken has been assessing cattle for Auctionsplus for nearly 10 years. 

In todays’ economic environment, budgeting and forecasts are the best ways of managing the cash- flow of your rural business (most lenders insist upon both prior to lending monies on properties). 5 of the methods mentioned above give you the control over what price you would be happy to sell at and how many costs are involved the process, allowing you the producer to work a lot more closely to your budgets than ever before. This creates a situation where you could possibly earn more money for your livestock but also save more money on the costs spent to realise that return. Bringing the livestock market to you, rather than you taking the livestock to a market.

If you have time take a look at the following link to an article on beef central recently.
Our team is constantly obtaining information from the marketplace on new ways of livestock marketing, monitoring trends and prices. This enables us to keep pace with what is happening within the market and advise our clients how they can obtain the best price possible, in an ever-changing marketplace.

What we offer
At First National Gloucester we offer a full range of cattle handling services from mustering, calf marking, drafting and weighing as well as full NLIS data transfers. Providing this for our clients is something we enjoy doing as part of our service and commitment to our vendors. We also take the strain of organizing everything off the producer and can, if need be, arrange the whole sale from mustering to weighing to drafting to transporting to payment. Allowing you the producer, to do what you do best. Produce beef!

First National Gloucester provide a whole sale management system at a very competitive price of 4% + GST. Because we don’t have the overhead expenditure of labour and other costs involved in the saleyard process we can afford to not charge as much as other agents.

A lot of local producers have already taken advantage of some of these systems and have been remarkably pleased with how simple the processes involved can be. Many have indicated that they will be doing more and more progressive livestock marketing with First National Gloucester.

First National Gloucester also offer the ability to Auction goods and chattels in clearing sales, with our dynamic auctioneer having 10 years’ experience in selling via this technique and conducting numerous sales in that time, with some outstanding results being achieved.
So if you are thinking of selling Livestock or Goods and Chattels or your Property, why not contact the professional team at First National Gloucester. The team who work for you